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Karin Herzog

We are proud to promote Karin Herzog products within our Spa. The pedigree of these products are truly second to none. Dr Herzog, the lines founder, invented the worlds’ first artificial respirator and pioneered real and effective oxygen therapy. In addition to this he is the only person ever to harness the life giving force of pure oxygen in a cream. Proven to work dramatically, Herzog’s formulas always guarantee results that can be seen and all this is done through divine, hands-on, holistic and logical professional treatments.

Besides oxygen delivery through active creams, Karin Herzog was the first to develop the anti aging properties of Cocoa, yes Chocolate! We offer a selection of chocolate treatments from facials to manicures - delicious!

Karin Herzog Facials

  • Pore Draw Facial- deep cleansing and manual extraction facial
  • Smoothie - Exfoliation with mild fruit enzymes
  • Glycol Rose Peel - Oxygen massage therapy and acupressure
  • CO-02 - chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate

Karin Herzog treatments are available by appointment only and are subject to availability. For our complete selection of Karin Herzog treatments, products and tariff, please contact the .

Opening Times

Monday to Sunday - 10am to 7pm